postfix puppet module

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Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Usage - Configuration options and additional functionality
  3. Contributing


The purpose of this module is to configure postfix. It allows you to specify two postfix configurations in hiera. The possibilities of the two configurations are equal. For readability one is called server (the main mailserver) the other satellite (systems, that send all mail to the mailserver). Configuration option can be inherited from the main class to shorten the hiera configuration.


The all available options for classes and defines are documented in the header of the class/define files. See there for any details.

postfix configuration

To use, include the postfix class. By default this will install the satellite configuration. If you want to use the server configuration set $postfix::is_satellite to false.

To set the values for the satellite, use postfix::satellite::XXXX for the server use postfix::server:XXXX. All values are also available in the postfix class as postfix::common_XXXX. These will be inherited to postfix::satellite and postfx::server class.

To set parameters in file, use:

postfix::common_parameters: # or use postfix::satellite::parameters:/postfix::server::parameters
        - 'The maximal amount of original message text that is sent in a'
        - 'non-delivery notification'
      value: 50000
        - 'The maximal amount of memory in bytes for storing a message header.'
        - 'If a header is larger, the excess is discarded'
      value: 102400

if you do not like to have a comment you can also set:

  bounce_size_limit: 50000
  header_size_limit: 102400

To set services in file use:

To add a service in file use:

postfix::common_services: # or use postfix::satellite::services or postfix::server::services:
    type: 'inet',
    priv: 'n',
    chroot: 'y',
    command: 'smtpd',
    chroot: 'y'
    command: 'trivial-rewrite'

create lookup maps:

simple lookup maps can be created using:

postfix::common_maps: # or use postfix::satellite:maps or postfix::server::maps:
    type: 'regex'
      - "/^(.*)@%{::fqdn}/      ${1}+%{::hostname}"
    type: 'hash'
      - 'user1'
      - 'user2'

To use them use set the parameters in accordingly.


Please report bugs and feature request using GitHub issue tracker.

For pull requests, it is very much appreciated to check your Puppet manifest with puppet-lint and the available spec tests in order to follow the recommended Puppet style guidelines from the Puppet Labs style guide.


This module is mainly written by Cirrax GmbH.

See the list of contributors for a list of all contributors.