Miraheze's Puppet Configuration

Miraheze is a not-for-profit wiki farm that provides free MediaWiki hosting. Miraheze is powered by volunteers only, and we believe our code should be open source.

This repository contains our production Puppet configuration.


Pull requests are always welcome!


Our issue tracker is in Phabricator. You may directly open a new issue by clicking here. Please read below for security-related concerns.

Security Vulnerabilities

If you believe you have found a security vulnerability in any part of our code, please do not post it publicly by using our wikis or bug trackers for that; rather, please read our security page carefully, and follow the instructions.

As a quick overview, you can email security concerns to security@miraheze.org, or if you'd like, you can instead directly create a security-related task here, but please leave the "Security" project on the issue.


This repository is licensed per the GNU General Public License, Version 3. The full license is available in LICENSE.md.

The repository is made of an assortment of code developed by hand, reusing PuppetLabs Forge and code by the Wikimedia Foundation. Attributions should exist in module directories if code is fully unmodified or slightly. If attribution is missing, please open a code request adding the attribution, and it will be merged.

This works out of the box as long as Puppet is installed on the local machine. All code is tested and developed on Debian Bullseye and is run in production on Debian Bullseye.