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Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Setup - The basics of getting started with certs
  3. Usage - Configuration options and additional functionality


Provides SSL certificate files required by apache and other webservers via the certs::vhost define. These files can then be provided to apache::vhost and other classes that require the files to already exist on a managed node.


Setup Requirements

The certificate files must come from an external store. Recommended stores are a site-specific (and private!) module containing SSL files or a network- accessible filesystem, such as NFS, that the managed node can access.

Beginning with certs

Once a file store is determined, include at least one certs::vhost define and specify the file store location as the source_path. You may optionally specify a target_path if the default location of /etc/ssl/certs is not desired.


No trailing slash should be provided to source_path.

certs::vhost { 'www.example.com':
  source_path => 'puppet:///modules/site_certificates',

Creates /etc/ssl/certs/www.example.com.crt and /etc/ssl/certs/www.example.com.key based off of puppet:///site_certificates/www.example.com.crt and puppet:///site_certificates/www.example.com.key.

certs::vhost { 'www.example.com':
  target_path => '/etc/httpd/ssl.d',
  source_path => 'puppet:///modules/site_certificates',

Creates the same crt and key files in /etc/httpd/ssl.d.

Certs::Vhost<| |> -> Apache::Vhost<| |>

When providing the certificate files to the apache::vhost or similar classes it is best to ensure they are properly dependent upon the certs::vhost.